Stopping the further spread of weeds & increasing pasture productivity (pic taken 3 weeks after wiping, end november 2006). Good pasture is now getting more moisture and is thriving! Location: Grafton Rd, 4 Km east of Glen Innes, signposted.
Weed: African Love Grass at variable density

The weed on the left has been wiped with Glyphosate 360 (single wipe) and shows a 100% kill. The one on the right has not been wiped, which can be seen by the green regrowth.




All weeds surrounding the large rock were effectively wiped. Note that the large rock was turned over by the Swingwiper (without damage).
No other weedwiper is able to do this!

On the right you can see another example of the results, achieved by the Swingwiper.
Note 20 cents coin. As the Swingwiper is able to operate lower to the ground, also smaller weeds are effectively wiped. This is what we call weed eradication.

Close to the ground small tussock has been eradicated in a stoney paddock preventing further production of seeds.
No other wick or rotating wiper is able to do this repeatedly.
Only the Swingwiper is designed for these conditions.

 African Love Grass, using Glyphosate,    Before wiping.

 African Love Grass, using Glyphosate,  After wiping.

 Serrated Tussocks, using Flupropanate.     Test Wipe.

 Serrated Tussocks, using Flupropanate. Test Wipe.     Results 2 years after wiping.

 Wiped out Poa Tussocks, Blady Grass and     Bracken Fern on a river flat.
    See the difference with areas not wiped.

 Wiped out Blady Grass on ridge top.

Blady Grass, right hand side wiped twice.

Blady Grass, left hand side after single wipe.

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